118 Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites That Actually Work (and how to bookmark QUICKLY!)

1 - What is Social Bookmarking?

It all started with the common browser. With browsers came bookmarks and if you used several browsers or several computers then you would soon find your bookmarks out of sync with each other, so pretty soon sites popped up that allowed you to store your bookmarks online instead of just on your PC.

Bookmarking Becomes Social

At first these were just personal bookmarks for yourself but after a while it became apparent that many people were bookmarking the same pages so somebody came up with the idea of making them social.

Your bookmarks would be stored publicly for others to see and people could vote and comment on certain bookmarks.

Digg made this model very popular and it is still one of the most long term and popular bookmark sites today.

Bookmarks Are Backlinks

It was not long before Internet Marketers caught on the fact that these public bookmarks were excellent sources of backlinks. A bookmark to a page that is stored online is literally a backlink to it.

When that backlink is coming from a popular site like Digg, it's a pretty powerful link because the Digg domain carries so much authority.

All of the sites we list in this document are do-follow which means that any authority that comes from the bookmark page is passed onto the page being linked to.

As an added bonus, if your bookmark gets listed on the front page of the site, that backlink then becomes a very high PR link and can also drive a ton of traffic back to your site. This is especially true of the big sites like Digg that have tends of thousands of daily visitors.

https://diigo.com/ 87 69 156
http://ebaumsworld.com/ 73 64 137
http://blinks.wc.lt/ 50 59 109
http://ww2.ikeepbookmarks.com/ 51 52 103
http://newsmeback.com/ 43 54 97
http://sb.iy10.com/ 36 52 88
http://mx1.webmastershowcase.com.au/ 37 46 83
http://milocalbuilder.com/ 33 45 78
http://fearsteve.com/ 29 49 78
http://yoocel.com/ 33.13 44 77.13
http://www.rupar2.org/ 32.58 43 75.58
http://furryfal.com/ 30.22 45 75.22
http://santefourmi.com/ 31.19 43 74.19
http://freeticketopen.com/ 29.17 44 73.17
http://gardicanin.net/ 27.85 45 72.85
http://jofrati.net/ 27.57 45 72.57
http://jodohkita.info/ 29.14 42 71.14
http://jlegalecon.com/ 27.14 41 68.14
http://www.rujw.com 22.11 46 68.11
http://vtv10.com/ 26.65 41 67.65
http://jreyscope.com/ 26.73 40 66.73
http://www.ojvk.com 20.28 44 64.28
http://www.hostgator-coupon.co 24.78 39 63.78
http://makingupcode.com/ 23.66 40 63.66

2 - Mass Backlinks With Bookmarks

Soon after sites like Digg became popular, lots of copycat sites started to pop up and then after that, packages such as Pligg which is a template for a social bookmarking site became freely available which meant a huge explosion in the number of sites that were around.

Every bookmark site is another opportunity to place your link and not only does this mean more backlinks to your site, but even more importantly – more referring domains.

With each piece of content you want to bookmark, you can literally bookmark it on 10, 50, 100+ or even thousands of sites if you want to and create a huge number of backlinks from diverse domains back to your site.

The only problem is time...

The Free Option - Manual Submission

If you have a lot of time on your hands and very little money then the free option is to bookmark your content manually.

For each site in the list the steps are pretty simple:

  1. Click the link in the document to visit the site

  2. Create an account if you haven't already

  3. Submit your bookmark

It doesn't really take long – maybe a minute or less on most sites but that quickly adds up so I don't really recommend that method unless you are extremely short on time.

Though there are a few ways you can speed things up.

http://elenavoce.com/ 24.55 39 63.55
http://www.uvlk.com 18.99 44 62.99
http://eiskrallen.com/ 19.91 41 60.91
http://bookmarksclub.com/ 22.38 37 59.38
http://utoms.org/ 18.92 40 58.92
http://www.psk-profi.pro 21.65 37 58.65
http://clideproject.com/ 16.25 42 58.25
http://whirlspace.com/ 21.24 37 58.24
http://chamberbase.com/ 19.02 39 58.02
http://picsli.com/ 20.58 37 57.58
http://jrbatidos.com/ 20.28 37 57.28
http://certiba.com/ 19.15 38 57.15
http://braillepda.com/ 16.95 40 56.95
http://www.gamesndames.com 18.9 38 56.9
http://mddhgs.com/ 17.81 39 56.81
http://www.gametimeadvantage.com 18.22 38 56.22
http://acnepopit.com/ 19.19 37 56.19
http://www.photosport.pro 17.86 38 55.86
http://nvmasons.com/ 17.58 38 55.58
http://ujjwaldubey.com/ 20.36 35 55.36
http://abarmak.com/ 15.25 40 55.25
http://suitemantra.com/ 18.07 37 55.07
http://www.ange.mobi 16.93 38 54.93
http://www.cobraarticles.com 14.86 40 54.86
http://revedeneige.com/ 19.85 35 54.85

Speeding Up The Account Creation Process

First of all the account creation process only needs to be done one time for each site. Rather than creating a ton of random accounts and trying to keep track of usernames and passwords for each of them, instead create a persona and use the same details for every site.

  1. Use the Fake Name Generator to create some details for your persona. You'll want the name, password, address in particular. Ignore the email address for now as you'll need a real one.

  2. Sign up for a free email address. GMX and Mail.com are good. Use the data above but choose a username that is unlikely to be used by other people so include a few numbers in it or something.

  3. Use a free browser plugin such as LastPass which allows you to create a form fill profile with all of the details of your new persona.

  4. Click on each site on the list that you wish to use and create an account. You can now use LastPass to fill out all the user details with a single click.

  5. Verify all of the emails on your new email account.

Now you're done with the accounts. You'll only need to do this once for each site but make sure to create accounts at any new sites when you get the updated version of the list from me.

Preparing Your Bookmark Data

Before you go and submit a ton of bookmarks you should prepare the data that you will need; this section applies whether you are using the free manual method or one of the automated paid methods.

You'll typically have 3 fields that you need to fill out – the title, a short description and some tags. You'll usually have to choose a category as well but that will vary from site to site and is not something you prepare in advance.

The Title – Your Anchor Text

In 99% of cases the title field of the bookmark is used to link back to your content and so it becomes your anchor text. Therefore it is important that you get your desired keywords in there.

BUT, and this is a big but – you really have to be careful these days of the over-optimisation penalty, especially if you are submitting the same bookmark to many sites.

If you spam out the exact same title to dozens to sites you'll get slapped with a penalty in no time; you HAVE to mix them up!

But don't worry this is pretty easy to do with spintax. I'm not going to put a spintax tutorial in here as this guide is pretty long already so Google it if you are not sure how it works.

The important thing is to use a TON of variety, especially for the title. You can be a little less fussy with the description and tags but the title is where you get the most benefit, and also where you can do the most damage!

In case it was not clear...


A few more notes on titles...

If you are using the bookmarks purely for backlinks then go ahead and craft your titles to get the exact anchor text you want. However if you are trying to also get real human traffic from the popular sites like Digg, having a title such as “SEO Dallas” is not going to get any clicks!

Instead you need to write for the reader just like you would in a blog post. Write a title that will appeal to the audience and get them to click the link. For the vast majority of sites listed here though, they really don't get many visitors and the links are just for link juice so don't worry about it too much.

The Description – Add Context For Your Link

The description field allows you to add a paragraph or two of text to describe your link. Use the opportunity to get lots of related keywords in there. These days Google is all about topical relevancy – it wants to know what each link is about.

This is especially important for bookmarking sites because your link is going to be buried in amongst hundreds or thousands of other links on all sorts of topics (I only list general sites here, not niche-specific ones) so to make it easier for Google to understand what your link is about, write a good description!

You'll also need to pick a meaningful category for the same reason.

Tags – More Keywords Please!

The tags field isn't used on all sites and is not that valuable but you may as well make the most of it. This is another great way to use a ton of different keywords (using spintax of course) to give your link yet more relevancy. Use 5-10 keywords for each bookmark.

Paid Options - Automated Submission Software

The actual submission process is very similar for every site so you can save yourself a ton of time and get software to do it for you.

There are actually several options you can use here and they fall into two main categories – software that you download and run on your own computer and an online solution using software that is hosted on the web that you just need to login to.

I'm going to look at the best solution in each category. For the downloaded software that is Bookmarking Demon and for the online software that is IMAutomator.

http://votegabby.com/ 18.64 36 54.64
http://lymelightwebs.net/ 17.57 37 54.57
http://googleeyespecs.com/ 16.23 38 54.23
http://www.ucuzsuaritma.pro 14.17 40 54.17
http://jesbui.com/ 19.16 35 54.16
http://packomed.com/ 20.96 33 53.96
http://www.cashadvanceinamerica.com/ 12.9 41 53.9
http://bosplus.org/ 18.83 35 53.83
http://hljsti.com/ 16.78 37 53.78
http://isnetsolution.com/ 23.77 30 53.77
http://temateater.net/ 15.32 38 53.32
http://urgodermyl.com/ 17.87 35 52.87
http://utahfurries.com/ 18.54 34 52.54
http://mediaextern.com/ 16.34 36 52.34
http://sb.demli.net/ 18.27 34 52.27
http://nioclibrary.com/ 12.48 39 51.48
http://scentinfo.com/ 23.42 28 51.42
http://erpmetro.com/ 16.36 35 51.36
http://eimpak.com/ 16.33 35 51.33
http://dog-day-care.info/ 15.12 36 51.12
http://outletcek.com/ 18.7 32 50.7
http://gotokars.com/ 16.66 34 50.66
http://grendatransit.com/ 15.63 35 50.63
http://ocrshow.com/ 17.6 33 50.6
http://codellapr.com/ 16.58 34 50.58

3 - Bookmarking Demon

How much does it cost?

Let's get the financials out the way first shall we? Bookmarking Demon has a one off cost of $147 and then you can use it as much as you like forever. If you only have a handful of blog posts to bookmark each month that is quite a steep investment but if you have a much larger volume it could be worth it.

However, there are some other costs involved which I'll explain in a moment.

Bookmark Site Support

It comes pre-loaded with about 100 sites though these are unlikely to work for long as they come and go very quickly (which is why I update this PDF every month!) However, you have the ability to upload an unlimited amount of sites into the software. Note that the vast majority of sites in this list will work with Bookmarking Demon so you have that part sorted :-)

Proxies & Accounts

When you make a submission to a bookmark site, the IP address gets logged. Most sites will ban you if you make too many using a single IP address, especially if the same IP is used across multiple accounts.

To do anything but the smallest number of submissions you'll need multiple accounts and you'll need some proxies to diversify the IP's.

The software creates the accounts for you so you don't need to worry about that but you will need to pay for proxies. There are many providers around. The one I recommend and have been using myself and for my business for many years is BuyProxies which start at $10 per month for 10 IP's and you'll get new ones issued each month. That should be enough for upto about 1000 bookmarks a month.

http://wiagogo.com/ 17.58 33 50.58
http://sb.organikblog.net/ 18.48 32 50.48
http://bookmarking.mudrena.com/ 18.29 32 50.29
http://redrockdocs.com/ 16.21 34 50.21
http://www.wikifalica.com/ 10.95 39 49.95
http://connectons.com/ 14.79 35 49.79
http://sb.oldu.org/ 16.6 33 49.6
http://pymacy.com/ 17.48 32 49.48
http://clubwub.com/ 17.14 32 49.14
http://avasaglobal.com/ 15.95 33 48.95
http://cyriumsolar.com/ 15.83 33 48.83
http://maqius.com/ 17.8 31 48.8
http://intuery.com/ 15.51 33 48.51
http://qandanda.com/ 13.46 35 48.46
http://lnwlabs.com/ 15.45 33 48.45
http://www.gestion-faune-chasse.info 15.44 33 48.44
http://im.dalamanairporttransfers.gen.tr/ 16.47 31 47.47
http://sarapho.com/ 14.44 33 47.44
http://www.yasminegold.info 16.12 31 47.12
http://snuggbiz.com/ 15.95 31 46.95
http://hhasar.com/ 14.55 32 46.55
http://dansafer.com/ 14.41 32 46.41
http://vauct.com/ 13.22 33 46.22
http://whirldroid.com/ 15.17 31 46.17
http://www.emcquinte.com/ 17.09 29 46.09

Captcha Solving

Another cost you'll need to account for is a Captcha solving service. I'm sure you've seen these around the web:

When you're submitting bookmarks manually you'll need to type in 1 or 2 of these captchas at almost all sites but when you're running software to do it for you, you also need to solve the captchas with software. There are many services integrated into Bookmarking Demon. Most charge per image solved so if you're doing a lot of submissions that can quickly rack up a huge cost so I would recommend Captcha Sniper which simply has a one off fee (currently $77).

Submission Speed

There is an in-built scheduler that allows you to spread out your submissions over a certain number of days but note that you will need to have the software running constantly in order for this to work properly which could be inconvenient if you're using your main computer.

4 - IMAutomator

How much does it cost?

IMAutomator uses a credit based system. Each submission has a credit cost which is based on the domain metrics such as Moz Domain Authority, Moz Rank, Ahrefs Domain Rank & Majestic Trust Flow. Most sites in their system average 4-5 credits to submit to.

Cost wise, this varies a lot depending on how many credits you buy. You get 100 credits free for creating an account so you can try it out for free and then after that you'll either have to sign up for a monthly plan or buy credit packs as you need them.

The lowest level plan is $12 a month and gives you 500 credits. So that would buy you around 100-125 bookmarks on average depending on what sites you choose to submit to.

The cost goes down if you purchase more. For example if you get the level 3 plan at $50 a month, that gives you 4,000 credits which works out much cheaper per credit.

Exclusive IMAutomator Half Price Offer!

The prices listed above are what you'll see if you visit the website. However, I can offer you a very special deal – 50% off any membership plan for life! Simply use the following coupon code when you order:

59CE4BFD – 50% off any membership plan!

Bookmark Site Support

IMAutomator submit to several high profile & high DA sites such as Delicious, Bibsonomy, Bitly, Diigo, Folkd as well as managing their own network of private sites which are all high Domain Authority, Domain Rank & Moz Rank. Each site is hosted on unique A-class IP's to provide maximum diversity.

They usually have around 50 sites in the system at any one time, they add new ones each week and will remove any sites that stop working. They refund credits for any failed submissions so you only ever pay for a successful submission which is reassuring.

Proxies, Accounts & Captcha Solving

IMAutomator use their own large pool of IP's and accounts to post with so you don't have to buy any proxies and they also incorporate the captcha solving right into their system so there's no costs there. Everything is already paid for.

Submission Speed

You can drip feed your submissions as slow or as fast as you like and never have to worry about them. You can submit up to 25 bookmarks a day to each URL or spread them out as slowly as 1 link every 3 days if you like – the software takes care of the schedule and randomises all of the posting times so as to avoid any patterns.

Also, because it's online you never have to run anything on your computer and can just setup your bookmarks once and then forget about them.

http://geiloskiheiser.com/ 14.04 32 46.04
http://svmpod.com/ 15.63 30 45.63
http://alivestl.com/ 14.42 31 45.42
http://www.litchfieldrealty.info 14.23 31 45.23
http://www.emoceanlabs.com 14.5 30 44.5
http://dsblabs.com/ 15.47 29 44.47
http://gsnucc.com/ 11.08 33 44.08
http://guiderank.com/ 11.07 33 44.07
http://meephg.com/ 15.47 27 42.47
http://falcobio.com/ 11.97 30 41.97
http://feedseva.com/ 12.4 29 41.4
http://vvtogo.com/ 11.31 30 41.31
http://nikolkokesova.com/ 11.28 30 41.28
http://panoturk.com/ 12.83 28 40.83
http://www.bookmarkheart.com 11.92 28 39.92
http://flyingsg.com/ 13.88 26 39.88
http://bivindi.com/ 12.7 27 39.7
http://inotekarge.com/ 13.48 26 39.48
http://www.socialbookmarkingtag.com 13.77 23 36.77